A Fiercely Competitive

Digital Organisation

We Create Fiercely Competitive Digital Organisations

Starting-up, running and growing a successful business is hard work. Fortunately, XD is here to help companies leverage digital technology and the internet to do more, with less.


Craft a unique strategy to leverage digital technology & the internet.


Build your new business into a digitally-friendly brand.


Keep your customers coming back for more. Encourage them to discover & share.

Design (UX)

Create a user experience that differentiates you from the competition.


Grow your business fast, online and on budget.


Get real data about your business and get to know your customers.

"XD" is Short for "Ex Digital"

... and Ex Digital is short for External Digitalia. Why the oddly suggestive name? Because while the complex things that happen under the hood matter, it's the external manifestation that people really care about.

Sydney to Philadelphia via Shanghai & Amsterdam

Yep. We're a pretty diverse group of people. We bring different perspectives, methodologies and attitudes to our projects but in the end, we're all proud of the work we do. Chances are, you'll like working with us too.

This is How we Roll

We keep it simple and agile. We communicate frequently and directly. We think more about the people than the technology. We experiment because you have to try before you can fly.

Let's Get Started

One step at a time. Let's meet and greet first.

Don't assume we're too expensive or too busy to talk to you. Tell us about your project and we'll let you know how XD can help.